Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera- WiFi IP Solar CCTV Camera Built in Rechargeable Battery, SD Card Storage, IP67 Waterproof, Remote APP, PIR Sensor,for Outdoor Smart Home Security Camera

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1.No electricity required:Solar and battery powered; 2.No wiring needed:No need to thread wall, chisel a hole or destroy decoration; 3.Supported Off-line operations :Be monitored without networking; 4.Remote viewing: WIFI network can be viewed remotely;; 5.Human induction:Take photos immediately upon inducing people; 6.Privacy Protection: Local storage, no leaks; 7.Induction street lamp:Sensing people at night,the lights will be automatically activated; 8.Simple installation: self installation, no need to invite professional construction staff; 9. Solar panel power: 2.2W(Detachable, optional 3m/10ft extension cord) 10. Battery capacity: 5200mAh(2600mAh*2) 11. Storage capacity: Support 32G card which can be stored for about 60days (storing about 6000 videos, According to each shooting 15 seconds, startup 200 times a day calculation), if there’s no space,the earliest video would be replaced by the latest one.

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